Pakistan's best Rice Mill Business Application

Rice mill software to control inventory system


RICE is the only software for Rice Mills in Pakistan that can manage mill's Accounts, Stocks, Sales, Purchase and Production. Rice is a highly customizable software, through which you can create your own unlimited number of Commodities (Products), Processes, Bag types or Bag classes, unlimited PR Centers and many more, but don't worry if you have no idea that how to operate a software you'll not feel any difficulty to work in it because we have tried to make it easier for a simple user.
The created commodity can be selected as saleable or purchasable or both so that you could continue your trading of any kind of commodities.Rice automates all processes of a rice mill such as Arrivals, Purchases from Market and purchases from food department, Production, Sales, Bags stocks, Commodities Stocks and all kind of accounting tasks with latest double entry techniques but with lots of ease.

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